Are Frustrations with Exchange Driving You to the Cloud?

 Microsoft Exchange is the lifeblood system for many organizations, but it has become increasingly complex to operate. As a result, a lot of people are so frustrated with Exchange that they’re considering switching to hosted Exchange or other cloud-based solutions from Microsoft and others.

What we see out in the field is that these thoughts typically begin after an organization experiences an Exchange-related “event.” Perhaps there’s a problem with on-going outages and failures. Maybe people aren’t getting their email or they’re having calendar issues. And so forth. If the problems don’t seem to be going away, it’s easy to think that getting rid of Exchange and letting somebody else run it would be a great idea.

Other times organizations are tempted to switch to the cloud because they think it will save money. After all, the price usually looks attractive at the start. But when you run the numbers you quickly find that although the “starter” price is great, the price tag quickly grows as you add necessary functionality.

The bottom line is the cloud is not for everybody. The two main reasons for this are:

  • Interconnectivity – Most organizations have other systems interconnected with their Exchange server, such as their voice mail, telephone system and email archiving. These things either don’t work or don’t work well in the cloud.
  • Security – If you have concerns about your intellectual property, and much of your intellectual property is contained in your email system, having all of this off-premise – and potentially co-mingled with other company’s data – is probably not a great idea.

There is another solution. At 10:00 am PST on Wednesday, November 16, Coyote Creek is hosting a webinar for IT decision makers, CIOs and CFOs about alternatives to moving to the cloud. You can get the best of both worlds: keep your Exchange system in-house so that you have complete ownership and control over your environment, but also get enterprise-class help in operating it.

Whether you’ve been considering moving to the cloud or you’re just frustrated with issues surrounding the day-to-day care and feeding of your Exchange system, this webinar is for you. Registration is free, but limited to just 50 attendees. Click here to reserve your spot today.

Mike Faster, President



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