Best New Features in Enterprise Vault 10 – Part 1

Version 10 of Enterprise Vault (EV) – Symantec’s Information Archiving platform – is now available. Here’s a look at some of the most popular and useful new features.

Social Media and Website Archiving – One of the main reasons organizations use Enterprise Vault is to maintain legal compliance. Now that social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. – has become part of many organizations’ mainstream branding and marketing efforts, posts made on these sites need to be archived, too. In the past this function wasn’t possible. Now, with Enterprise Vault 10, it is.

Support for Outlook 2011 for Mac – Probably 50% of our clients have been clamoring for more archiving support for the Mac. In the past, anyone with a Mac was effectively left out of the EV archiving world; Mac users had to go to a web page to see their archived information, while Windows users were able to view everything through Outlook. With EV 10, Mac users can enjoy all of the archiving functionality and features that Windows users have enjoyed all along.

Ability to Seamlessly Archive to the Cloud – At some point, organizations come to the realization that it’s probably not necessary to have all of their archives on site. With Enterprise Vault 10’s new cloud archiving capabilities, you can choose to have your more recent archives on site, and everything else (say all files that are more than two years old) seamlessly sent to the cloud. The cloud-based archives will be easily accessible through EV10, but retrieval times will be slower than for archives stored on-site.

Built-In Data Classification Services – In the past, when you clicked on an email in Exchange and said “archive this,” EV would just archive it. Now you’ll be prompted for information about how you want to label the file, its level of sensitivity, etc. This ability to add context and relevance will result in more granular control, faster and better search results, and more relevance for HR, Legal and the end user.

EV10 also has an advanced infrastructure that results in faster searches and greater manageability. Because it only runs on a 64-bit operating system, however, this advanced infrastructure also means that most organizations will need to upgrade their hardware if they want to make the switch to EV10. Exactly what this entails will be the subject of my next post. Stay tuned!

Aaron Geer


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