How is your IT roster looking?

We are now deep enough into the baseball season that each club and manager has got a pretty good idea of the capability of the team and their roster. Each manager also understands their roster’s strengths, can see where they have holes and knows what needs to be done to fill those holes.

At Coyote Creek, we’ve learned that building and running an IT team is a similar process. With constantly evolving user needs, competition, technologies and personnel issues, you need to be constantly tuning your team to make sure you have the right players to get the job done.

However, managing an IT team can be quite a challenge. While weeding out or improving poor performers can be done relatively easy, it can be very hard to ensure that your best resources are staying current on new needs and technologies. Heck, it can be tough just to free them up from current tasks so that they’ll have the time to look at new technologies or projects.

Helping IT managers solve this problem is one of the areas where Coyote Creek can add a lot of value. Maybe you have a pressing deadline on a project and need more bandwidth to execute. Maybe you need to deploy a new technology that your team isn’t familiar with. Or perhaps you need to add a specialty resource on an interim basis as a mentor to get a high-performing team to the next level.

Whatever your IT roster challenges are, Coyote Creek can help. Got a roster challenge? Please let us know. The solution may be just a phone call away.

Terri Carney, Director of Sales


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