Coyote Creek is Looking for a Senior Linux Engineer

Please help us get the word out! For IT professionals who are tired of taking contract positions in which they’re essentially “thrown to the wolves” out at the client site, Coyote Creek has a better way. Take a position as a contractor for one of our Contract Services clients, and you’ll become a part of the Coyote Creek team, receiving extensive back-end support. From regularly scheduled one-on-ones with our Engagement Manager to meetings, social events, and the ability to tap into our network of engineers when questions arise, even when you’re out in the field you’ll never be alone.

We are looking for a Senior Linux Engineer for a 2 month in San Francisco. 

Experience Desired:

  • RedHat
  • Bash Scripting
  • Perl Knowledge
  • LVM Knowledge
  • Kickstart
  • Knowledge and understanding of Multi-pathing
  • Mxpio
  • Must know how to scan the bus
  • PVcreate, volume creation and Logical Volumes

For more information, please contact Robert McCoy at 408.383.9200 Ext. 130 or


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